NetGain Insights – NetGain SaaS
April 6, 2022 NetGain Systems
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NetGain Insights – NetGain SaaS

In this issue, we take a closer look at NetGain SaaS (Software as a Service) – what it is, and why NetGain Systems has included it in its solution portfolio.

What Is SaaS

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a cloud-based service model where instead of having software on-premises on their own application servers, users would use the Internet to access and use the software hosted in the cloud by a software provider. Users would not need to invest to have the software on-premises, but would pay a subscription to the software provider for the use of the software.

SaaS brings with it a number of advantages, including:

More Cost Effective

With SaaS, there is no need to invest in Capex for hardware and software, which one would need to for on-premises software. Users instead pay for the use of the software on a subscription or pay-as-you-go model. Users also do not need to invest in additional hardware when scaling up the software usage, and conversely, users would not be saddled with expensive unused hardware resources when usage is scaled down.


Superior Operational Management

With SaaS, users do not need to spend time and resources in the installation and maintenance of hardware and software, including applying updates and patches. They can be assured of the application reliability and performance optimization of their SaaS software, and the business reliability of the secured IT infrastructure the software is in. Should a problem arise, they can simply call on the IT support services of the software provider.


Increased Accessibility

Compared to on-premises software, SaaS is a lot faster to deploy, making it more quickly available to the business. With 24/7 availability, users can access the SaaS software at any time, from anywhere and using any device with a browser and an Internet connection. This is especially beneficial to users with global or non-stop operations, or who need continuous uptime for their software.


NetGain SaaS

NetGain SaaS is the our latest offering from us that brings the full capabilities of the NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management solution suite to users as a SaaS offering. Users can choose to have one or more or all of the following application solutions for their IT infrastructure management, whether it be on-premises, in a private or public cloud, or in a hybrid environment:

  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Network Traffic Analytics
  • Network Configuration Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Log Analytics
  • Security Analytics

NetGain SaaS, together with the cloud resources hosting it, are maintained by us assuring users that our NetGain SaaS application solutions will always be up-to-date and performing optimally.

In order to use NetGain SaaS, users will need to install a thin software called emedge in their IT network, which is used to collect IT infrastructure data such as metrics, logs, performance data and traces. That data would then be processed and displayed in easily understood and customizable visual dashboards of the NetGain SaaS applications that users have signed up for, accessible through an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI). By signing up for the full suite of NetGain SaaS applications, users would be able to have full observability of their entire IT infrastructure.

Most SaaS offerings tend to be “standard” offerings, and while they can be customized, it is mostly left to users to perform such customization. We understand that every organization is different, with its unique environment and requirements, and has not only designed NetGain SaaS to be flexible to suit different environments but is also willing to work with users to customize its applications to meet their requirements and to have observability of those areas they deem important.

Why Did We Introduce NetGain SaaS?

While SaaS has been available for some time, it is only recently that it has gained wider adoption with the advent of affordable high-speed Internet access and cost-effective cloud services. We decided to offer NetGain SaaS so that organizations could reap the benefits of a SaaS model for their IT infrastructure monitoring and security management, especially for those moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud or to a hybrid environment, or who want to use applications without having to worry about their upfront costs and on-going maintenance.

“Organizations want their IT systems to be more agile to be able to meet changing business needs and conditions,” said James Chia, CEO of NetGain Systems. “NetGain SaaS gives them that agility with the SaaS model. While the deployment and business model may differ from our on-premises solutions, customers who subscribe to NetGain SaaS can expect to receive the same high level of service support from NetGain Systems.”


To find out more about NetGain SaaS, click here.

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