NetGain Insights – What is APM
March 3, 2022 NetGain Systems
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NetGain Insights – What is APM

In this issue, we take a closer look at NetGain APM (Application Performance Management) – what it is, and why NetGain Systems has included it in its solution portfolio.

An APM solution allows users to monitor and manage the application performance and application reliability of their IT system. With the use of APM, organizations can identify and attend to areas that affect application performance, and ensure the performance optimization of their key applications. This in turn enables them to maintain service levels and improve business reliability.


NetGain APM, which is newly added to the NetGain family of solutions, enables organizations to monitor and manage the availability, performance and reliability of their IT applications. While it can be used stand-alone, its use with the other solutions of the NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management family provides organizations with a complete and integrated solution suite for their entire IT monitoring and Security Management needs:

  • Application Performance Monitoring and Management with NetGain APM (Application Performance Management)
  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management with NetGain EM (Enterprise Manager)
  • Security Monitoring and Management of the IT system with NetGain SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

NetGain APM has 2 key distinctives: easy to use and highly scalable.

  1. Easy to Use

NetGain APM is easy to deploy. After the main APM application is installed, you simply need to install an APM agent, a small piece of code written in the same language as the application to be monitored, in the application server just like any other library. The APM agent will then collect the performance data of the application in the application server, and send that to an APM server for processing. The performance data and performance metrics are then stored in an Elasticsearch database.

Besides ease of deployment, NetGain APM is also easy to operate:  

  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)

NetGain APM uses the same easy-to-use and intuitive GUI of NetGain EM. The APM interface interacts with the Elasticsearch database to show the status and performance metrics of key applications via an easily understood and visual IT monitoring dashboard.

  • Notifications and Reporting

Users can set performance thresholds to receive alarms and notifications should the thresholds be crossed. NetGain APM also has built-in reporting functions for users to analyze and better understand their application performance end-to-end.

  • Detailed analysis

Users can interrogate application performance and drill down to identify potential bottlenecks.

      2. Highly Scalable

NetGain APM stores the application performance data and metrics in an Elasticsearch database. This gives it the capability to ingest and aggregate huge amounts data, and to perform near real-time search and analysis of that huge amount of data quickly.

Organizations can also be assured that NetGain APM will be able to maintain its own application performance even as their applications grow in number and complexity.

Why we introduce NetGain APM?

NetGain Systems has been helping organizations in their IT Systems monitoring and IT Infrastructure management for close to 20 years. While this is important in preventing an IT systems outage, smaller outages can still occur when IT applications crash. User satisfaction is also impacted when applications do not perform as expected.

NetGain saw application performance monitoring and management as a natural extension to its IT Systems monitoring and IT Infrastructure management solutions. It also saw the excellent synergy they would have when using a common GUI. The result: NetGain APM, a member of the NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management family.

“In today’s highly connected and always-on world, there is an expectation not only for IT Systems to always be available, but for their applications to also always be available and with reasonable performance,” said James Chia, CEO of NetGain Systems. “With NetGain APM, we have extended our IT Systems monitoring and IT Infrastructure management solutions to now include application performance monitoring and management, enabling organizations to meet these expectations.”


To learn more about NetGain APM, click here.



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