NetGain Insights -What’s New in NetGain EM
November 2, 2021 NetGain Systems
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NetGain Insights -What’s New in NetGain EM

NetGain Systems introduced a new version, v11, of its award-winning IT Monitoring and Data Analytics solution, NetGain EM (Enterprise Manager) in mid-2020. Several significant enhancements and changes were made to NetGain EM, including:

  • New Database and Analytics Engine
  • Refreshed User Interface
  • Integration with New Solutions and Programming Languages


New Database and Analytics Engine
While previous versions of NetGain EM were based on Apache Cassandra, EM v11 uses a new database and analytics engine based on Elastic’s Elasticsearch, suitable for all types of data including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured. With this new database engine, we were able to vastly improve 2 key areas:

The performance of NetGain EM
NetGain EM’s performance has improved dramatically with Elasticsearch, through its document-oriented structure, with data stored in JSON format, and usage of index search instead of searching text directly.

The amount of data that could be stored and processed by NetGain EM
The use of Elasticsearch allows NetGain EM to support thousands of servers and handle thousands of Gigabytes of data. What’s even more impressive is that NetGain EM’s performance is hardly impacted even as the database size increases.

Refreshed User Interface
The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of NetGain EM has been overhauled to provide users with a clean and easy-to-use interface for an intuitive and insightful user experience.

A User Experience (UX) consultant was engaged to ensure that new and existing functions were streamlined and organized to make NetGain EM easy and simple to operate – belying the powerful and at times complex functions and processes taking place hidden from view. Users can easily customize the Interface to have their important monitors and functions up front, and can also choose a “dark” theme if that is what they prefer.

Integration with New Solutions and Programming Languages
The refreshed GUI allows for a seamless integration of new and related applications with NetGain EM. Solutions and applications that NetGain has introduced and integrated with NetGain EM include:

  • NetGain SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • NetGain APM (Application Performance Management)
  • AI-Assisted Operations

This allows the NetGain EM GUI to act as a master console not just for IT infrastructure monitoring, but also security incidents, application performance, and IT operations. More details about these solutions will be shared in future issues of NetGain Insights.

New programming languages such as Python have also been incorporated to allow NetGain EM to be customized more quickly and effectively.


Why the Changes?

As the IT infrastructure continues to grow both in size and complexity, for example, the inclusion of IoT devices, NetGain Systems saw that it was imperative for NetGain EM to be updated to meet these challenges.

“NetGain EM was introduced in 2002, and while we have been upgrading it over the years, we felt that the time was right to give it a major overhaul,” said Toh Soon Seah, CTO and Founder of NetGain Systems. “This major overhaul will allow EM to keep pace with the changes in our customers’ IT infrastructure management and their expectations for a high performing monitoring and analytics solution.”

Customers have also come to expect their IT solutions to not only work well, but to also have a superior User Experience (UX). The refreshed GUI of EM not only brings in a breath of fresh air with its clean, modern look, but continues to underscore NetGain’s philosophy of keeping things simple while not compromising on function and performance.

There was also a strategic reason for updating NetGain EM refreshing its GUI. This was to set the stage for NetGain Systems to add to and evolve its solution offerings, especially as it moves into the area of IT Observability, which provides not just a fuller view or visibility of what is happening within their IT environment, but also the insights gained by the analysis and co-relation of the states of the disparate systems in the IT environment. The introduction and integration into NetGain EM of NetGain SIEM, NetGain APM and AI-Assisted Ops, while important and essential solutions in their own right, are also steps in that direction.

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