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June 22, 2022 NetGain Systems
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NetGain IT Healthcheck is an in-depth analysis of your company’s IT operations and entire infrastructure. It addresses the adequacy of controls and other connected operations to ensure systems effectiveness and efficiency. The review uncovers any possible risks and provides recovery steps in line with industry best practices.

Why is IT Healthcheck essential?

IT Healthcheck is a crucial part of analysing the way the business operates. It ensures peace of mind knowing that there is no major security threat.

It helps identify faults and bottlenecks in your IT environment and advise on optimization of your devices in the event that you find yourself losing efficiency due to slow network performance or frequent downtime.




What does it cover?

  • General system performance check
  • Monitoring infrastructure health for critical alerts
  • Check for backup list readiness
  • Check on alarms and notifications gateway working status
  • Adhoc and batch reports
  • System performance of servers
  • Data ingestion, watcher rules & reports for APM, SIEM & NTA
  • Resources usage for priority servers


At NetGain, we offer IT Healthcheck for our customers as part of our MSS program. We are pleased to be able to work closely with them to examine their network, server health, cybersecurity protection and more. By providing clarity on their IT performance, we are able to add value to the business and give it a competitive edge.

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*Each IT Healthcheck is approximately 40minutes, and a workstation with Browser and Putty (or equivalent) is required.

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