Secure Scalability. Easy Deployment. Cost Efficient. 

NetGain SaaS makes it easy to manage your IT infrastructure and security events.


Companies in different industries are modernizing their data platforms to leverage on new applications and advanced analytics while they migrate their IT to the cloud. We understand the challenges that businesses face in their digital transformation. NetGain SaaS platform allows observability in a single platform without the need for multiple integrations.




NetGain SaaS is a cloud data and analytics platform for data normalization, processing, visualization and report generation. It integrates with and sends trouble alerts to ticketing systems, and through messaging and collaborations.

emedge is a software that runs on your local site to collect data, metrics and logs from your IT infrastructure. emedge uses common protocols such as SNMP, JDBC, Elastic Beats and others to collect data from all IT systems. You will only need to deploy an instance of emedge per local site, within the enterprise network. The data collected is sent from emedge via an encrypted link to NetGain SaaS, where users can have full observability to their infrastructure, regardless on-prem, on cloud or hybrid.

Benefits of NetGain SaaS

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Unified Architecture

We unify the native collection of data, logs and configuration from over 100 vendors. Our IT observability and security solutions are centrally managed from a single user interface, used to display business, infrastructure, security management and application performance insights, simplifying operations and enabling effective IT support.

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On-Prem & Hybrid Environments

NetGain SaaS is designed to integrate and automate infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, log and security analytics, across on-prem and hybrid cloud environments. 


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Fast And Easy Deployment

Our solution allows fast and easy deployment.  The enterprise can set up NetGain SaaS in minutes and start their operations.  It is cloud agnostic and supports various technology stacks, making it the ideal tool for any IT operational strategy.

Our Solutions


Infrastructure Monitoring

Complete visibility to the different components in your enterprise – servers, storage, network, application, database, IoT, containers and cloud across all vendors.


Log Analytics

Holistic view across different environment through centralized log management and analysis using correlation of different logs sources.


Security Analytics

Intelligent analysis and correlation of logs from different sources to find security threats, allowing fast investigation and respond time.


Network Traffic Analytics

Understanding traffic patterns to spot anomalies and optimizing your network bandwidth management.

Application Performance Management

Elevate and improve the performance of your in-house apps down to the micro-transactions.

Network Configuration Management

Establish the network controls flow allowing automation of mundane tasks to cut down user errors and improve operation efficiency.

NetGain System is trusted by companies – from small to very large enterprises. Our largest user is a telecoms company where NetGain System monitors more than a million devices!

Learn how NetGain System helps our telecoms customers gain greater visibility to their customers’ networks and systems, providing better service at lower costs.

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