NetGain Systems adds Application Performance Management to its Solution Portfolio
October 20, 2021 NetGain Systems
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NetGain Systems adds Application Performance Management to its Solution Portfolio

 Strengthens its IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions with NetGain APM

SINGAPORE – 20 October 2021 — NetGain Systems today launched NetGain APM, an Application Performance Management solution that provides visibility and insights into the performance of an organizations’ key business applications.

NetGain APM joins NetGain EM (Enterprise Manager), NetGain SIEM (Security Information and Events Management) and NetGain CVS (Cloud Vista Suite) in NetGain’s IT Monitoring and Security Management family of solutions, which have been integrated together as a unified solution to monitor and manage the entire IT environment – from Infrastructure to Applications to Security, whether on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid networks.


Addressing the need for Reliable and Better Application Performance

As more business and interactions get conducted electronically, there is an increasing need to ensure the reliability and good performance of such applications. Besides the impact on the businesses, improved application performance can also lead to improved employee productivity and organizational efficiency.

The application environment, however, can be quite complex. Parts of an application and its data could be in the cloud while parts could be spread across various data centers. The application itself could be accessed through the corporate network or through the Internet from anywhere in the world. This means that the performance of the same application could be vastly different for different people depending on where, when, and how they access the application.

NetGain APM cuts through the complexity of measuring and managing the performance of an organization’s key business applications. It uses the same easy to use and understand Graphical User Interface (GUI) found in the award-winning NetGain EM to provide organizations with detailed application performance insights, enabling them to ensure the reliability and performance of their applications across different situations. The result – a better employee and customer end-user digital experience.


Simplifying the Monitoring and Management of the entire IT Environment

NetGain APM is available as a stand-alone solution. It can also be used in conjunction with other solutions from NetGain’s IT Monitoring and Security Management family, such as NetGain EM, NetGain SIEM and NetGain CVS. When used together, organizations will get a tightly integrated IT Monitoring and Security Management system with a unified view of the status and performance of their Infrastructure, Applications and Security in a single pane of glass.

This greatly simplifies operations as key status and information of all aspects of the IT environment can be seen together, without the need to call up and view different applications. As the same GUI is used, users will not get confused on how to access various functions as in the case when using different applications. The use of the same GUI also lessens the time for users to get proficient, while having certain functions in common, for example reports and alarms, make it easier for users to perform their tasks and to find what they need.


James Chia, CEO of NetGain Systems:

“We are excited and proud to announce our new NetGain APM solution, the latest addition to the NetGain family of solutions. NetGain has made it possible for our customers to have a single view of their infrastructure, security and applications, coupled with the power of NetGain’s dashboards, alerts and reporting. Our solutions have been built from the ground up as a single integrated solution so that customers only need one console to monitor and manage their entire IT environment.

“As businesses accelerate their digital transformation efforts, IT infrastructure security and readiness have become strategic and are at the top of CIOs’ minds. We are happy to help our customers address this and keep their IT systems running at peak performance.”


About NetGain Systems:

Founded in 2002, NetGain Systems is a pioneer in the IT monitoring business and has established local teams throughout the Asia Pacific Region, including Australia, China and Singapore. Regardless of location, type, size, or complexity, NetGain’s solutions give customers the power to monitor their IT services, infrastructure, applications and devices with ease, all from a single management dashboard, maximizing uptime and achieving IT excellence. By understanding that every organization’s IT environment is different, NetGain’s dynamic solutions are designed to be uniquely adaptable, fitting the unique demands of their operating environment and evolving with their growing organization.


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