NetGain Systems Adds Security and Cloud Solutions to its Portfolio
June 23, 2020 NetGain Systems
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Extends Award-winning IT Monitoring and Data Analytics Solutions with SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and Cloud Vista Suite (CVS)


NetGain Systems today launched the largest extensions of its product line in over a decade, as it added comprehensive SIEM and Cloud Monitoring solutions to its award-winning IT monitoring and data analytics solution, NetGain Enterprise Manager (EM). The two new solutions, NetGain SIEM and NetGain Cloud Vista Suite (CVS), together with NetGain Enterprise Manager (EM), make up the solutions portfolio in the NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management family.

Addressing Security Threats with New NetGain SIEM

Addressing the ever-increasing need of enterprises to actively monitor network security threats, NetGain has added a full suite of SIEM capabilities, as well as unique tools that allow for auto threat-hunting capabilities that automatically search and identify security threats, based on the correlation of security events to standard network events, which on their own may have appeared to be innocent.

Providing maximum flexibility, the NetGain SIEM solution can easily add and redefine the events that constitute a security threat. This allows the system to be customized to suit the security posture of any organization, and remain relevant in the ever-changing threat landscape. NetGain SIEM is a standalone Security Management solution, but is also integrated into the reporting dashboard of NetGain EM, to provide users a single pane of glass from which to manage both Infrastructure and Security events.

Introducing the New NetGain Cloud Vista Suite (CVS)

The new NetGain Cloud Vista Suite (CVS), which consists of NetGain Cloud Vista running on a virtual machine in the Cloud, and EM Edge running at remote physical sites, extends NetGain’s Infrastructure Management and SIEM capabilities to the Cloud and is designed to help companies manage their complex IT infrastructure and security environments, particularly if they have both on-premise and cloud IT assets in hybrid networks.

The Cloud Vista Suite is also designed as a ‘Manager of Managers’ in large and complex IT networks that are geographically distributed, allowing users to have a single consolidated view of all IT Infrastructure and Security events throughout their entire operations. The Cloud Vista Suite is also ideal for Managed Service Providers looking for a highly scalable and cost-effective managed cloud solution to offer their clients IT infrastructure monitoring and SIEM as a service.

Enhancements to NetGain Enterprise Manager (EM)

The company is also making significant enhancements to its award-winning core product, NetGain Enterprise Manager (EM), and is releasing version 11 today. Significant performance improvements have been made throughout the core software with the incorporation of a new database and analytics engine based on Elasticsearch, while the Graphical User Interface (GUI) has also been re-engineered and refreshed to provide users with an easy to use and intuitive management experience.

James Chia, CEO of NetGain Systems:

“We are thrilled to be adding Security and Cloud solutions to NetGain’s portfolio. Our new SIEM and Cloud Vista Suite solutions are the most significant enhancements to our product line in the company’s history and extend our proven track record of innovation in the IT monitoring market into these two important areas that are on the minds of IT professionals today. Many of our clients, from SMB customers to the largest multinational enterprises, have significant digital transformation projects underway with a focus on increasing cloud based service delivery in their IT environments, and projects reviewing whole of business security assessments as a part of business continuity planning. Extending NetGain’s solutions into these areas will further assist our clients while anticipating their future technology monitoring requirements for many years to come.”

Cedric Lim, CEO of Embrio Enterprises:

“Embrio is very excited to be partnering with NetGain in its latest offerings. NetGain SIEM, incorporating excellent monitoring and alert solutions, enhances Embrio’s capabilities in providing comprehensive threat detection and managed services solutions to our customers in the government and private sector. NetGain Cloud Vista Suite (CVS), designed as a ‘Manager of Managers’, provides us with a single consolidated platform to manage the IT infrastructure of some of our large government and MNC clients across multiple regions. With its integrated IT monitoring and SIEM solutions, NetGain is an excellent complementary partner for a strong support organization like ours, and plays an important part in helping Embrio achieve its goal of becoming a major regional IT security and infrastructure solutions provider in Asia Pacific.”

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About NetGain Systems:

Founded in 2002, NetGain Systems is a pioneer in the IT monitoring business and has established local teams throughout the Asia Pacific Region, including Australia, China and Singapore. Regardless of location, type, size, or complexity, our solutions give customers the power to monitor their IT services, infrastructure, applications and devices with ease, all from a single management dashboard, maximizing uptime and achieving IT excellence. By understanding that every organization’s IT environment is different, our dynamic solutions are designed to be uniquely adaptable, fitting the unique demands of your operating environment and evolving with your growing organization.

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