NetGain Systems announces the appointment of SecureCraft Pte Ltd as its distributor in Singapore for its IT Observability and Security Management solutions
January 5, 2023 NetGain Systems
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SINGAPORE – 5 January 2023 — NetGain Systems is pleased to announce that it has appointed value-added distributor SecureCraft Pte Ltd as its distributor in Singapore for its IT Observability and Security Management solutions. With this appointment, SecureCraft will be able to distribute NetGain solutions to channel partners in Singapore.

NetGain Systems IT Observability and Security Management solutions

The NetGain observability solutions that SecureCraft will distribute include:

  • NetGain Infrastructure Monitoring
  • NetGain Log Analytics
  • NetGain Security Analytics
  • NetGain APM (Application Performance Management)
  • NetGain NCM (Network Configuration Management)
  • NetGain NTA (Network Traffic Analytics)

SecureCraft will also distribute appliances and hardware from NetGain associated with the above solutions.

NetGain’s observability solutions provide comprehensive visibility and monitoring of the full-stack IT infrastructure and applications, including asset status, network traffic, changes made to the network configuration, application performance and security events occurring in the IT system. Users can customize their dashboards to quickly view areas essential to their business, and also set different rules and thresholds for critical and not-so-critical devices to receive timely alerts to potential issues and threats. Users will also appreciate being able to closely monitor all the IT devices used in important lines of business or in critical business areas through the use of Business Views.

The appointment of SecureCraft as its distributor is in line with NetGain System’s plans to expand its Singapore market, following the recent launch of NetGain AI-driven Observability suite. As a NetGain distributor, SecureCraft will work closely with channel partners in Singapore to undertake deployment and support of NetGain’s solutions to end-user customers. This agreement further iterates both companies willingness to drive growth and build relationships with customers in the Singapore region.

 I am excited with our partnership with SecureCraft.  Observability is one of the fastest-growing segments in IT. Together with SecureCraft’s suite of complementary solutions and a strong commitment to partner success, we look forward to working together to bring the NetGain solution to the Singapore market.

 James Chia, CEO of NetGain Systems


Driven by our vision, we have strategically partnered with market-leading vendors to leverage their expertise and establish ourselves in their respective domains. Our partnership with NetGain Systems ensures a win-win relationship between us and them. With this synergy, we ensure that both companies provide customers with the best services and products possible.

Ivan Lo, GM of SecureCraft


About NetGain Systems:

Founded in 2002, NetGain Systems is a pioneer in the IT monitoring business, and continues to develop its business as it evolves from IT monitoring to IT observability. It has established local teams throughout the Asia Pacific Region, including Australia, China and Singapore.

Regardless of location, type, size, or complexity, our solutions give our customers the power to observe their IT infrastructure, services, applications and devices with ease, all from a single management dashboard, to achieve operational excellence with reduced complexity and gain useful insights to improve business outcomes. By understanding that every organization’s IT environment is different, NetGain’s dynamic solutions are designed to be highly adaptable, fitting the unique demands of your operating environment and evolving with your growing organization.

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About SecureCraft:

SecureCraft is a value-added security solutions distributor that believes in creating values among its customers’ business. With a team of committed and skilled security professionals, solely focused on Information Security, SecureCraft fully understand the challenges that businesses are facing in today’s information-driven world. Our vision is to be the preferred, best-of-breed cyber security and network performance, solutions’ distributor for end-to-end security products.

We selectively partner with market-leading vendors who are established in their respective domains. Driven by our vision to be the preferred security solutions distributor in the region, we seek to help our customers mitigate information security risks, safeguard their business and ensure regulatory compliance.

We work with delivery partners to provide end-to-end security expertise, solutions consultancy, information security planning and delivery, implementation services, technical support and training. We strive to meet these needs using our sound technical and support structure to ensure successful delivery of all projects.  

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