NetGain Systems continues to grow and evolve its Portfolio with the announcement of its Observability suite of solutions
October 25, 2022 NetGain Systems
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SINGAPORE – 26 October 2022 — NetGain Systems is pleased to announce its Observability suite of solutions, available both On-Prem and as-a-Service, that enables organizations to understand what is happening in and to their IT infrastructure.

Incorporating and underpinned by a new Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AI Ops) feature, NetGain’s Observability suite brings its IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions to the next level, whereby organizations will not only know how to respond to IT issues and prevent them from occurring, but also gather insightful data to improve service levels and achieve operational excellence.

Observability suite – Key Highlights

NetGain’s Observability suite is built upon the solutions in NetGain’s IT Monitoring and Security Management portfolio. These solutions have been incorporated into the Observability suite’s modular framework, whereby users can select various areas for observation from the following solutions:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Log Analytics
  • Security Analytics
  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Network Traffic Analytics (NTA)
  • Network Configuration Management (NCM)

A key element of the Observability suite is its Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AI Ops) feature, which together with Synthetic Monitoring and Dashboard 2.0 is being launched with the Observability suite.

AI Ops forms the bedrock of the Observability suite. By using AI to correlate metrics, logs and traces from across different sources in the IT infrastructure, users have full stack observability with actionable and timely insights into their IT operations. AI Ops is also used for:

  • Forecasting – estimating when a problem will arise, for example, due to insufficient resources
  • Outlier detection – identifying resources behaving differently from other similar resources
  • Anomaly detection – identifying resources behaving differently from its usual behavior

Synthetic Monitoring helps users ensure the continued and consistent performance of their applications. Users can create a simulated user transaction for an application that will be executed according to a preset schedule. The application would be monitored for functionality, availability and performance when the simulated user transaction is executed, and users will be alerted should it be found to be impaired when measured against expected SLAs.

Dashboard 2.0 provides users with a high-level view of the operating status of the various resources in the IT infrastructure. It displays live key performance data in easily understood tables, charts and graphs, and allows queries to be made and their results shown, making it ideal for use in on-screen displays in a Network Operating Center or with management staff.

Other changes made to the NetGain solution portfolio, which have also been incorporated into the Observability suite, include improvements to SIEM threat rules and data administration, the inclusion of cloud native service metrics, and the development of SaaS backend operations.

What has not changed is the ease-of-use which NetGain is noted for, where the solutions in the Observability suite have been designed to be easily deployed and operated by organizations with small IT departments. And to make it even easier, organizations can opt to have the Observability suite as a SaaS deployment instead of On-Prem.

James Chia, CEO of NetGain Systems:

“We are excited to announce our Observability suite. Enterprises have accelerated their investments into digital transformation over the past few years, making IT even more mission critical. NetGain’s Observability suite, and in particular AI Ops, will significantly help our clients improve their operations and user experience.  

This announcement extends NetGain’s proven track record of innovation in the IT monitoring space.  We remain committed to assisting our clients achieve operational excellence while anticipating their future technology requirements for many years to come.”

Giam Kai Boon, Director of Data Connect Technologies:

“As Singapore’s leading ICT solutions provider, Data Connect is excited to include NetGain’s Observability suite in our solution offerings. NetGain’s Observability suite will especially strengthen our MSP service offerings to our customers in Singapore and the region, allowing us to better manage their ICT operations and provide them with relevant insights on optimizing their use of ICT.” 


NetGain’s Observability suite is available immediately, for both On-Prem and SaaS deployments. Existing NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management customers wishing to move to the Observability suite can do so by upgrading their NetGain EM (Enterprise Manager) to v12.

About NetGain Systems:

Founded in 2002, NetGain Systems is a pioneer in the IT monitoring business, and continues to develop its business as it evolves from IT monitoring to IT observability. It has established local teams throughout the Asia Pacific Region, including Australia, China and Singapore.

Regardless of location, type, size, or complexity, our solutions give our customers the power to observe their IT infrastructure, services, applications and devices with ease, all from a single management dashboard, to achieve operational excellence with reduced complexity and gain useful insights to improve business outcomes. By understanding that every organization’s IT environment is different, NetGain’s dynamic solutions are designed to be highly adaptable, fitting the unique demands of your operating environment and evolving with your growing organization.

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