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Sep 28, 2023 by NetGain Systems

Maximizing Business Efficiency: A Deeper Look into Application Performance Management

APM has come a long way since its inception. From its initial role in monitoring and identifying application performance bottlenecks, APM has evolved into a comprehensive solution that offers a wide array of benefits. Today, we take a closer look at the evolving landscape of APM and its continued impact on organizations.

New v12 Features

Reduce complexity in hybrid IT environments with AI-driven Observability suite. Improve customer experience with Synthetic Monitoring capabilities and foster team collaboration with Dashboard 2.0.

We Are ISO 27001 Certified!

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Effortlessly manage your infrastructure, application and security management across on-prem, hybrid or cloud.

Actionable Insights from a Single Pane of Glass.​


What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it, but see what our customers have to say


"NetGain’s solution has provided us with timely live notifications. Now, our IT team can constantly receive live information about our IT infrastructure without actively monitoring and checking the status of our IT infrastructure."

Koh Soon Meng, Assistant Manager, IT Infrastructure, Nippon Paint

"NetGain Systems has enabled our IT team to have thorough information of our infrastructure’s status. As an IT manager, I could have a bird’s-eye view of the entire infrastructure’s status, get the proper reports that we need and perform proper analysis and planning of our network."

Edwin Rene, IT Manager, BUMA

"NetGain Systems responded quickly during the deployment and implementation phase. When issues arise, they provided prompt on-site and remote support and valuable advices to solving the issues. Thank you NetGain team."

Architecture Operation and Maintenance Manager, Ameco

"NetGain’s Service is extremely easy to use making monitoring a breeze."

Lim & Tan Securities

"NetGain played a major role in helping our company grow."

MetLife IT Director

"The IT management feels that they are in better control with the reliable and accurate monthly reports."

Head of Network Systems CNNIC

"We are now able to keep an eye on our portal 24 x 7."

CIMB Group

"NetGain Systems IT monitoring solution required minimal installation effort, which is both lightweight and flexible to meet our needs of monitoring 300 hotspots across 50 locations. One competitor required us to install SQL servers for each hotspot and would have made our monitoring operational and price challenging for our clients to accept."

Mr Eddie Tang, Co-Founder & MD

Our platform strives to provide full-stack observability to effectively link infrastructure health and performance to business outcome and customer digital experience

Monitoring & analytics

We offer infrastructure monitoring, log and security analytics, network traffic analytics, application performance management, and network configuration management services.

Hybrid & cloud native

We provide a single pane of glass management for on-prem, hybrid and cloud environments.

Offer visibility

We offer visibility to metrics, performance and security posture, with robust machine learning, data analytics and visualization capabilities.

Provide intelligence

We take the data from the components of the modern IT infrastructure, and provide  intelligence to business and IT.

What Makes NetGain Systems Different?


Regardless of type, location or size, our solutions give customers the power to monitor their IT services, infrastructure, applications, devices and security events with ease, and develop insights from their data – all from a single management dashboard


On-premise, cloud, hybrid, or managed service, every organization’s IT environment is different. Our solutions are designed to be uniquely customizable, evolving with your organization’s growth.



NetGain allows you to automate mundane tasks, understand and manage data and provide proactive business intelligence and reporting with ease.


With over 20 years of passion for customer success, we maximize uptime for SMEs to large multinational companies, with unparalleled industry experience.

Do you know how stable and secure

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