NetGain Systems Partners with Transformists Network to Revolutionize IT Solutions in Taiwan and Hong Kong
July 11, 2024 NetGain Systems
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NetGain Systems Partners with Transformists Network to 

Revolutionize IT Solutions in Taiwan and Hong Kong

NetGain Systems is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Transformists Network Pte Ltd, appointing them as our authorized distributor for Taiwan and Hong Kong. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in enhancing the availability and accessibility of NetGain’s AI-driven observability solutions to businesses across these key markets.

Transformists Network, a dynamic group driven by a passion for innovation and collaborative partnerships, is dedicated to supporting companies through transformative journeys in business and technology. Their strategic focus and extensive expertise in partner support and training services make them an ideal partner to drive NetGain’s mission forward.

“We’re excited to join forces with Transformists Network, whose enthusiasm for innovation mirrors our own,” said James Chia, CEO of NetGain Systems.  “This partnership will be instrumental in extending our reach in Taiwan and Hong Kong, ensuring that enterprises in these regions can harness the full potential of their IT investments with our cutting-edge solutions.”

Transformists Network will distribute NetGain’s comprehensive suite of observability solutions, including:

  • NetGain Infrastructure Monitoring
  • NetGain Log Analytics
  • NetGain Security Analytics
  • NetGain APM (Application Performance Management)
  • NetGain NCM (Network Configuration Management)
  • NetGain NTA (Network Traffic Analytics)
  • NetGain AI Ops

“Being selected as NetGain’s authorized distributor is a testament to our commitment to driving business and technology innovation,” said Nicholas Yong, Strategic Product VP of Transformists Network.
“We are eager to bring NetGain’s exceptional solutions to our clients, empowering them to achieve unprecedented growth and efficiency.”
With headquarters in Singapore and regional offices strategically located, Transformists Network is ideally positioned to support NetGain’s expansion, delivering unparalleled service and support to businesses in these key markets.

This partnership highlights NetGain’s dedication to delivering world-class performance monitoring and management solutions on a global scale. We are confident that Transformists Network’s expertise will ensure that companies in Taiwan and Hong Kong can fully leverage our innovative offerings.

About NetGain Systems
NetGain Systems, established in 2002, is a pioneer in the IT monitoring industry with a focus on evolving technologies. Our journey began with IT monitoring and had since expanded into advanced IT observability solutions, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for deeper insights.
We support businesses of all sizes and complexities. Our mission is to provide seamless monitoring and analysis of IT infrastructure, applications, and services through our adaptable and AI-powered solutions. This approach enables operational excellence and empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions for improved business outcomes.
At NetGain, we understand the diverse needs of modern enterprises. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable, ensuring they evolve alongside our clients’ growing IT environments.
For more information, please contact or visit NetGain Systems
About Transformists Network
At Transformists Network, we are a group of people passionate about innovation and collaborative partnership. We seek to partner and be part of companies’ transformation processes in business as well as technology innovation. We focus on building strategic, unique solutions and technologies for companies, with capabilities in providing services covering partner support and training services.
For more information, please contact or visit Transformists Network.

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