See Ahead and Stay Ahead with New SIEM and Cloud Solutions
August 4, 2020 NetGain Systems
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We are pleased to announce the launch of NetGain SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and NetGain Cloud Vista Suite (CVS), as well as a new, enhanced version of our flagship IT monitoring and data analytics solution NetGain Enterprise Manager (EM).

NetGain SIEM and NetGain CVS are the largest extensions of our product line in over a decade, and together with NetGain EM make up the solutions in our NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management family.

Security continues to be one of the top concerns for many organizations and to address this, we have introduced NetGain SIEM which lets you actively monitor security threats to your IT infrastructure. By correlating security events across the entire infrastructure which individually may appear to be innocent, it is able to search and identify threats that otherwise would have been missed . And by easily adding and redefining the events that constitute a security threat, you can customize NetGain SIEM to suit your security posture and ensure its relevance in the ever-changing threat landscape.

As Cloud adoption becomes more commonplace, it is critical for organizations to ensure the uptime of their entire IT infrastructure including the Cloud. NetGain CVS, consisting of NetGain Cloud Vista running on a virtual machine in the Cloud and NetGain EM Edge running at remote physical sites, does that by extending NetGain’s IT Monitoring and SIEM capabilities to the Cloud. It also acts as a ‘Manager of Managers’ in large, geographically distributed IT networks, letting you have a single consolidated view of all IT Infrastructure and Security events occurring throughout your entire IT operations.

Find out more about the launch in our press release and read about the new solutions in our products webpage.

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