The Power of Performance
August 27, 2020 NetGain Systems
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The Power of Performance

As more business gets conducted online and working from home becomes the norm, many organizations are rethinking how to keep their increasingly complex IT infrastructure secure and counter the surge of cybercrimes and innovative new threats that continue to plague their operations.

We have shared on the value of simplicity for complex solutions like SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). Beyond simplicity, it is just as important that your SIEM solution be powerful enough to handle the myriad of potential threats that can come from all corners of your IT environment. This is especially so as organizations move more and more of their business online and store an increasing volume of digital data, all of which need to be secured.

When it comes to your IT security strategy, faster detection, investigation and response make a great difference in reducing the security risks your organization is exposed to. The power of performance built into NetGain SIEM helps make that difference.

Getting to the root cause in seconds
NetGain SIEM is able to ingest and aggregate log data from all kinds of IP devices, and to speedily search and filter through huge volumes of these disparate logs to quickly identify issues. Its powerful log processing and analysis capability lets you get to the source of problems swiftly and effectively.

Finding the pattern
The power of performance in NetGain SIEM goes beyond its raw performance but extends to its powerful features. An example is its threat correlation feature, which discovers malicious patterns of behavior by correlating seemingly innocent stand-alone events across different sources to identify a potential threat.

You have the power! Sign up for a 30-day free trial of NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management, comprising NetGain SIEM and NetGain Enterprise Manager, and experience for yourself the power built into our IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions.

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