What contributes to an uninterrupted work culture in the new normal?
August 13, 2020 May Tan
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What Contributes to an Uninterrupted Work Culture in the New Normal

The times have changed rapidly over the last few months, and the new normal for how we work has been somewhat a smooth transition for us thus far. It is becoming more apparent that how quickly we adapt is related to how ready companies are in introducing the use of online collaborative tools, remote management and virtual meetings as part of the work culture even when we were not working from home. When you have the infrastructure in place, there is certainly less disruption even when circumstances evolve. What enables this at its core are the people who bring it to life.

Ingrained in the culture of where we work is the motivation coming from the management level to constantly seek to leverage digital tools and processes to strengthen our team’s communication and collaboration.

As a technology company, we go about it to make work life for ourselves much easier. And to do that is to explore what’s available online, be it Slack for work chatter and discussion groups,  Zoom for meetings, or Atlassian to document our work, and making them accessible and used so that team updates and knowledge sharing become second nature to us. Our monthly team bonding activity has also gone online, we conducted our first karaoke session on Zoom back in April, belting out our best tunes, and finding it very therapeutic. We even formed a yoga group to practice weekly during lunch hour to stay fit together. 

Our path is held together by a strong foundation of “family spirit” in all of us, made up of the company culture, daily interactions and business practices. It is present whether in working remotely or working from an office. What is key for us lies in the 3Cs, clarity, communication and collaboration, as a modus operandi when working from home.

This is what the new normal is like and it is fully welcomed. 

Contributed by May Tan, Marketing and Communications Manager at NetGain Systems