Nippon Paint . Preventive Monitoring Maximizes Local IT Team’s Limited Resources

Nippon Paint (Singapore) Co Pte Ltd is an affiliate of Nippon Paint Japan – one of the most established pioneers in the paint industry with more than 120 years of experience in paint technology. Established in 1962, Nippon Paint is now one of the leading paint manufacturers in Singapore.

Key Challenges

Preventive Measures for a Small IT Team

At Nippon Paint, it is important for their IT team to maintain the live status of their server efficiency levels to prevent issues. With limited IT resources to manage both their IT hardware and software, it is exceptionally important to have a network monitoring software so that they can deploy their IT personnel effectively.
Previously, IT issues became apparent only after they occurred. Often, issues could be resolved by rebooting the servers only after they had occurred –  a clear indication of serious lapses in IT management.

Customer Name

Nippon Paint


Paint Manufacturing



No. of End Users In IT Team


Number of Devices



CPU, Ram, network utilization, Ping of Server

“NetGain’s solution has provided us with timely live notifications. Now, our IT team can constantly receive live information about our IT infrastructure without actively monitoring and checking the status of our IT infrastructure.”

Koh Soon Meng, Assistant Manager, IT Infrastructure, Nippon Paint

NetGain’s Solution Provided

Live Notification Alerts

NetGain Monitoring Solution provides Nippon Paint IT team with timely live notifications. This enables their IT team to constantly receive live information about their IT infrastructure, sparing them the chore of actively monitoring and checking the status of their servers and IT infrastructure.

NetGain has customized the notifications to inform by SMS and email before servers reach pre-set critical levels. Nippon paint’s IT team can then perform a server reboot to bring the levels back to normal. This has raised the IT team’s productivity as they are now able to dedicate their time and resources to other strategic IT activities.

Industry Standard Reports

One feature  of particular interest to Nippon Paint IT team is NetGain’s industry standards reports, a distinctive feature of NetGain Enterprise Manager.

The reports show the health status of the entire IT infrastructure in one single view, which facilitates data presentation by Nippon Paint IT team.

Future Developments

NetGain has been in discussion with Nippon Paint IT team for future customization of monitoring needs. One of the features which they have expressed interest in is the automatic rebooting of a server when it hits critical loads.

Nippon Paint IT team are also currently looking at NetGain Cloud Vista solution to monitor their overseas branches and offices.

Our Achieved Results

  • Increased productivity and efficiency of IT team. Centralized dashboard to monitor over multiple devices.

  • Quicker response time. “Live” notification alerts are directed to relevant member of the team and resolved before end-users are aware of an issue caused by IT downtime. 

  • Prompt and proactive IT planning. Up-to-date status of IT infrastructure with industry standard reports are readily available either on demand or pre-scheduled.

“Preventing IT downtime before it happens is very important for our business, and we have gone all out to prevent IT downtime.”

Koh Soon Meng, Assistant Manager, IT Infrastructure, Nippon Paint

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