System Integrator and Value-Added Reseller Partner Program

NetGain is a leader in the IT monitoring and data analytics market. We are always looking for innovative and growth oriented systems integrators and value-added resellers to join our team.  We develop and promote recognized system integrators and solution partners to deliver the highest quality technical solutions and customer services that lead with a NetGain product or service.

Our system integrator program is designed to educate and produce highly-qualified system integrators that are committed to enhance their competencies and capabilities in IT monitoring and data analytics. Our objective is to help you develop the best possible solutions, with the least amount of risk for your company, that also enhances long term customer satisfaction and retention.

“We believe in partnership. Our partners bring something unique to their customers – integrating different IT components to become a solution to the enterprise. NetGain is an important foundational piece of the puzzle, and we delight in ensuring we work with the right partner for a long-term mutually beneficial engagement.” – James Chia, CEO, NetGain Systems

NetGain also provides extensive training and certification opportunities.

NetGain approaches our market very differently to many in our category that are only interested in volume sales, and have little thought for the customer’s on-going success.  We believe in long term relationships with our customers and seek to partner with their organisations to help them get maximum value and satisfaction from their Netgain solutions.  The vast majority of our customer relationships are multi-year and on-going.


Our SI/VAR programs offer system integrators the ability to enhance their competencies and capabilities across the following disciplines:

  • IT Automation, Control & Optimisation
  • Data Analytics
  • Remote Systems Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • IT and Governance Reporting/Compliance

Product and Solution Knowledge

Acquire extensive knowledge and skills through our certification program and enhance credibility and confidence with customers and prospects.


Receive industry leading support to deliver outstanding project execution and continuous support throughout the lifecycle of your customers’ monitoring systems.

Grow Your Business

Gain new business opportunities and provide customers with measurable operational improvements that maximize their IT uptime.


Become a Partner Today

If your organization is interested in discussing long term partnership opportunities, please get in touch.