Enterprise Manager

NetGain’s Enterprise Manager™ comes in flexible solutions that suit your business needs.

Every organization’s IT environment is different. We offer a level of platform flexibility and customization that is unparalleled among our competitors and designed to fit the unique demands of your industry vertical or operating environment. A business is only as good as its ability to address the changing needs of its customers. We provide comprehensive solutions packages tailored to your organization’s requirements – from software only to scaling to a full outsourced solution.


OS Supported
No Of Devices
To Be Monitored
Max Number of Devices
Monitoring Categories
Syslog/SNMPTraps & max collector module
EM Basic Monitoring Categories
EM Advance Monitoring
Software Add-ons
Network Configuration Manager
IP Address Manager
EM Free
Trial Mode

✓ Windows Only
✓ Bundled with up to 10 Devices Monitoring License
✓ 10
✓ Basic
✓ Syslog/SNMPTraps collector module of max 50MB/Day
EM Standard
To Get You Started

✓ Windows and Linux OS
✓ Bundled with up to 30 Devices Monitoring License
✓ 250
✓ Basic
✓ Syslog/SNMPTraps collector module of max 50MB/Day
✓ Supports Cloud-based SMS only
EM Plus
For Customisation

✓ Windows and Linux OS
✓ Bundled with up to 30 Devices Monitoring License
✓ Unlimited
✓ Basic, and Optional Advance
✓ Syslog/SNMPTraps collector module of max 250MB/Day
✓ Supports Cloud-Based & SMS

Next Level IT Automation, Control & Optimisation

Identify specific IT needs your organization requires with our Proof of Concept (PoC)

Comprehensive Analytics & Dashboard Tools

Our user-friendly dashboard provides a customized bird’s eye view on the services that are crucial to your IT operations

Avoid Costly IT Disruptions

Keep up-to-date on your uptime and IT performance and plan ahead on capacity to enable prudence in your IT spending

Preempt IT Outages

Predict failure trends that allows you to plan for possible downtime. Choose from an array of recommended solutions for your infrastructure before a problem arises

Limitless Personalization

Enjoy a personalised and enriched user experience with v10’s intuitive and customizable dashboard. You can now have a comprehensive  overview of your IT infrastructure right at your finger tips.

Real-time Monitoring

Have a complete view of your IT infrastructure across multiple devices. Account for your IT infrastructure with management reports you can generate on demand, anytime. Never disappoint your end-users with the lack of up-to-date information.

Best Effort Uptime

Prevent IT outages before it becomes a real crisis. Proactively monitor and resolve your network performance without the hassle of being on location. Our experience IT support never leaves you hanging.

Why IT Teams Love NetGain Systems


“NetGain Systems Enterprise Manager has helped us to ensure that our customers web experience of Internet Banking Portal is up to the mark. We are now able to keep an eye on our portal 24 x 7.”
CIMB Group

"NetGain played a major role in helping our company grow. The increased complexity of our business calls for better IT infrastructure monitoring, a service that NetGain could deliver really well. A technological breakthrough indeed.”
MetLife IT Director

"NetGain Systems values commitment and keeps to its promises. Its advanced and reliable product technology successfully serviced the Beijing Olympic Games, accomplishing the task of protecting the Beijing Olympic Games IT technology, and thereby contributing to the success of this great event."
Beijing Olympic Council of Games

“NetGain Systems' solution is extremely easy to use with its simple interface but detailed features, which makes monitoring a breeze. The monitoring solution is highly accurate and configurable. Customization is a main reason we went with NetGain Systems and it fitted perfectly to our workflow. Backup and restore is now easier than before.”
Lim & Tan Securities

"Since Panasonic signed up to NetGain's IMaaS (Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service), I definitely know that I can sleep more peacefully. Not only did they meet our escalation process requirements, they could deliver IMaaS as a service - the other contenders could not deliver this."
Panasonic IT Team