Secure the Health of your Network!
September 16, 2020 NetGain Systems
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Secure the Health of your Network!

Cyber criminals are essentially modern day robbers who are relentless in stealing using technological methods. One of these is the ransomware attack, and companies who have the unfortunate experience of encountering one find themselves locked out of their computer systems and at the mercy of the criminals’ extortion demands. 

If you think that ransomware attacks are a thing of the past or do not happen in our part of the world, think again. Just recently, a ransomware attack was reported at the saraburi hospital in Thailand. Typically, this happens when users inadvertently introduce malware into the organization’s computer network via phishing websites or emails. 

There are ways to mitigate this. ZDNet suggests 11 steps that you can take to protect yourself against ransomware, including ensuring that your antivirus software is up to date, scanning and filtering emails before they reach end-users, and understanding what is connected to and happening across your network.

Just as hospitals need the right equipment for different medical procedures, you need the right tools to protect yourself against ransomware and to secure the health of your network. NetGain Systems’ IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions, comprising NetGain Enterprise Manager and NetGain SIEM, give you the visibility to understand what is connected to and happening across your network, alerting you when threats surface or when your network and the devices connected to it are not operating as they should.
Secure the health of your network today! Just as a good doctor keeps track of the vital signs of a patient during treatment, you need to keep track of the “vital signs” of your network and the devices connected to it, and be alerted of any anomalies before the situation becomes critical. Register today for a free NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management trial or let us arrange a consultation for an initial diagnosis!

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