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Surveillance is necessary for many organisations

The installation of CCTV cameras and the recording systems ensure the security of buildings and facilities.

The biggest challenge for organisations is to ensure that the hundreds, if not thousands, of CCTV cameras and their connected devices are running efficiently and effectively.

When a CCTV camera does not display an image, the facility manager needs to be alerted, otherwise, the disruption may not be discovered and this may be critical and even catastrophic.

NetGain has been deployed in government and enterprise surveillance systems networks, to monitor the health of the cameras and the other infrastructure components.

Map view to easily locate a faulty camera

Benefits of using NetGain

Increases the productivity of the security office through enhanced visibility of the surveillance system

  • NetGain monitors the health status of cameras and other IT devices. NetGain has a unique mapping system to pin-point the exact location of the device, so no more guesswork on the location

Improved operations through alerts beyond the control room

  • Alerts can be sent by SMS to security officers out in the field. No need for the control room to assign out the investigation task.

Robust solution, low-cost, high value

  • The NetGain solution has a simple pricing model based on the number of devices that is monitored. It is easy to set up and provides no-fuss operations.

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