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Maximizing uptime for the backbone of the networked world.

Enterprises rely on telecommunications and managed services providers (MSPs) for their business operations, from connectivity to the internet all the way to full outsourcing of business IT operations.

For telcos and MSPs, managing IT uptime is a very important driver of revenue and customer satisfaction. Their SLAs may be tied to IT infrastructure performance and availability, and it also costs the telcos and MSPs when they need to send their staff to a client site to fix or mitigate IT downtime problems.

In working with our telco and MSP partners, we have identified several key features that drive their service offerings:

  • Accurate and timely fault and performance monitoring
  • Comprehensive log collection, mapping and forwarding
  • Alarm root cause correlation and notification
  • Northbound integration to various tools and software
  • Configuration management of network devices

How do telecommunications companies use NetGain to improve their operations?

  • To monitor and manage their own IP Core, MPLS, IPRAN, Wi-Fi networks
  • As the monitoring system to provide managed services for large enterprises, government agencies and SMB companies
  • As it provides telco equipment monitoring for hotel management systems, the customer can monitor any and all devices, such as Smart TVs, IP Phones, and any other possible device that a hotel would use.
  • It provides telco IT monitoring for IT infrastructure, which monitors the servers, network, storage, and the database that is within a HQ and branches.
  • It is a monitoring system that can be used for turnkey projects in an enterprise or government environments.

Benefits of using NetGain

Ideal for Monitoring-as-a-Service

    • NetGain Cloud Vista Suite is a multi-tenant solution, is highly scalable and is capable of monitoring more than a million devices in remote branches, through MPLS or internet links. It provides MSPs with an easy-to-use and cost-effective cloud solution to offer IT infrastructure management and SIEM as a service to their clients.

Provide visibility to remote sites

    • Cloud Vista Suite allows telco IT monitoring by giving full visibility to the whole IT infrastructure, even the most remote sites. IT operations in a HQ environment are able to use NetGain Cloud Vista Suite to ensure that the IT systems in remote sites are functioning properly, and to be able to resolve issues quickly.

Customization to fit telco’s exacting demands

    • Providing a solution that is flexible is one of NetGain’s biggest strengths. This ability to develop a team to customize any software is coupled together to meet all of a telco’s needs and gives them the ability for telco equipment monitoring. This allows the telco to streamline its operations and increase productivity when deploying NetGain solutions.

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