UniCredit Global Business Services.

Ensuring Effective & Essential IT Monitoring For Regional Banking Operations


UniCredit Global Business Services is the IT support arm of UniCredit, a leading European commercial bank with an international network spanning 17 European countries and 50 markets, with about 9,000 branches and more than 149,000 employees.

Key Challenges

Ensuring Smooth Regional Banking IT Operations

UniCredit Global Business Services, has only two members in the IT Team in charge of monitoring more than 105 devices supporting more than 200 end users from various departments. With limited resources, the IT department has to adhere to strict SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ensure that the IT infrastructure is running 24/7 and close to zero downtime targets.
Prior to engaging NetGain Systems monitoring solution, UniCredit Global Business Services’ IT monitoring team was using a competing monitoring solution for eight years. One of the biggest issues was its rigidity – when a new device had to be added, or a parameter had a complicated OID, the competitor in Singapore could not incorporate it into the system.  This invariably resulted in unnecessary delays, as the monitoring team had to get back to the equipment vendor to help convert the OID into a GUI parameter.
UniCredit Global Business Services was then facing another problem: As the local IT monitoring team were also responsible for certain selected equipment managed by the head office, they were in great need of a more efficient alternative to gain access to the equipment for monitoring purposes.

Customer Name

Unicredit Global Business Services


Banking IT Operations



No. of End Users


No. of Devices



Switches, routers, security equipment, Unix, Windows, AS400

“Compared to the previous monitoring solution, the NetGain Enterprise Manager was easy to use and we could add any devices as long as the device’s SNMP was enabled.”

Alvin Lam, Senior Associate, Network & Infrastructure Support IT Asia Pacific 

NetGain’s Solution Provided

Quick & Effective Auto Discovery Of Devices

UniCredit Global Business Services’ IT monitoring team can now confidentially supplement their monitoring system with new devices to facilitate their work. This is easily done by enabling the SNMP of the device and entering the specific IP or IP range in NetGain Enterprise Manager discovery feature solve the IT team’s monitoring problems.

This discover feature can also be scheduled to allow for auto discovery of new devices within the selected IP range at a specific time. This allows the IT monitoring team to discover new authorised devices from unauthorised ones connected to the network.

Customised Reports

UniCredit Global Business Services’ IT monitoring team provides monitoring services to the other IT departments within its parent company, the Singapore & Hong Kong branch of Unicredit Bank.

As these IT department teams require their own set of reports, the UniCredit Global Business Services’ IT monitoring capitalised on NetGain Systems to provide customised reports for the different departments.  This frees up the resources of the IT monitoring team to focus on their core responsibilities.

Access To Local Support

The UniCredit Global Business Services’ IT monitoring team appreciates the prompt, convenient and hassle-free after-sales services provided for the NetGain Enterprise Manager. The NetGain Systems support team is just a phone call away within the same time zone. and a 30-minute car ride away if onsite support is needed.

In stark contrast,  their previous monitoring solution provider took one or two days just to provide level-one support, an unacceptably long delay that adversely impacted performance.

Our Achieved Results

– Uptime of 99.999%. NetGain’s monitoring solution alerts Unicredit Global Business Service IT monitoring team to symptoms before they reach critical levels. This proactive feature empowers the IT monitoring team to manage the health of the company’s IT infrastructure, enabling them to adhere to the 99.999% uptime of up of more than 200 devices.

– Peace of Mind. With local support from NetGain Systems, the Unicredit Global Business Service’s IT monitoring team have put behind their worries behind them about adding new devices in the network. Besides, these new devices will be catalogued in the NetGain Enterprise Manager Library to facilitate monitoring.

– Prompt and proactive IT planning. Up-to-date status of IT infrastructure with industry standard reports readily available either on demand or pre-scheduled.

“NetGain local support is much appreciated. When issues occur, the NetGain local support team is able to respond almost immediately. If needed, the NetGain support team can be on-site within an hour due to their close proximity.”

Alvin Lam, Senior Associate, Network & Infrastructure Support IT Asia Pacific

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